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ABout RDCS Tech

The company was founded in May 2003 and from the very beginning our goal was to provide solutions tailored to each business. Another goal we emphasize is high customer satisfaction and confidence in the services we provide.

Throughout the years we have gained a reputation for providing high quality services, cost effective solutions, and a business first approach in implementing IT. Our reputation has allowed us to grow steadily and our dedication to these goals earned us the valued respect of our clients.


To offer high quality, cost effective IT solutions that help businesses grow, gain a competitive edge, and more success in their industry.


We value honesty, genuine customer service, and building lasting relationships with our clients. These values dictate the way we do business and how we interact with our customers.

Why Choose US:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Fast response time
  • Innovative solutions
  • IT customized for you
  • Swift troubleshooting
  • Confidence

We want to be your information technology (IT) partners and are confident we can build a relationship to help you succeed. We realize that not everyone talks in technical acronyms and terms and so we take time to inform our customers using easy to understand terminology.

With a combination of experience and understanding, we will do our best to provide an IT strategy that will offer realistic solutions. Every business is restricted by the cost elements of their operation and executives are always looking for ways to do more with less. The latest and greatest is not always best; instead an evaluation of the current use of technology is needed in order to customize the appropriate solution. Understanding the costs and the needs of your business allows us to provide you with the best approach for your IT needs.

RDCS believes strongly that IT is a resource and an asset that enhances efficiency and productivity for all. Give us the opportunity and we will make IT work for you.


RDCS offers high-quality, cost-effective IT solutions for business growth and success. We are a reputable IT provider offering Managed IT Services and outsourced Remote IT Support in Pennsylvania. We have been around since 2003, and we offer customer-tailored solutions for your company.

Our team can take on network systems support and management tasks, but we are more than just a technical service provider. We act as your technology partner. Our goal is to be your trusted source of expertise as you use technology to spur company growth. We are proven experts in Managed IT Solutions. We proudly stand by our reputation for knowledge, professionalism, and innovation. Let us be your solution for IT services in Pennsylvania.

Outsourced IT Support Services

As a managed services provider, we offer IT Support, Information Security Consultation, Network Services, and Technology partner services to small to medium-sized businesses in Central Pennsylvania.

RDCS can help you with all of your IT support needs. We offer on-site services and online remote IT support. Whatever you prefer, we are ready to help fix your IT issues quickly and correctly.

When your systems go down for any reason, your business is losing money. You need a partner that can get you back online quickly and keep your company running. Here are some things that we can do to ensure your systems are performing at their best:

  1. Hardware and software updates
  2. Network administration
  3. Network design
  4. Cloud services management
  5. System back-ups
  6. Disaster recovery

We offer our services to companies in a wide range of industries. If you are in any of the following verticals, we have extensive experience in helping companies just like yours:

  1. Healthcare/Medical
  2. Legal
  3. Accounting
  4. SMB

Don’t see your industry here? No worries! We are growing and reaching out to businesses all over Central PA. Call us for IT support services, and we will work hard to understand the plans for your business, then offer a solution that is a perfect fit for you.

RDCS provides the IT support in Pennsylvania that you need to keep your network and systems running and capable of supporting the demands of your business. However, we are also your strategic technology partner. We will hold periodic review sessions with you to go over new strategies, upcoming projects, and emerging goals. We want to ensure that the IT services you receive continue to meet your needs. When your company succeeds, so do we. Our business partners view us as more than a vendor. We work hard to build relationships with all of our clients to understand their information technology needs.

RDCS Remote IT Service

Our Remote IT support team uses advanced tools that allow our technicians to connect remotely to your computer from anywhere in the world. When you use our remote IT support services, you can be confident that there will be someone to help you with your computer issues regardless of location or time zone. As long as you have an internet connection, one of our IT support agents can help you.

You Can Save Money with Remote IT Services

When you have in-house IT support, you must provide salary and benefits to every member of that department, and that is ongoing. That can take a big chunk out of your bottom line. With outsourced remote IT support, you only pay for the services you use. You’ll even save on recruiting and hiring costs.

Remote IT Support Is Flexible

With remote IT support, you can get the help you need no matter where you are. You can arrange meetings with our support team in person or remotely. That means your field staff gets the same attentive assistance as your home office staff in Pennsylvania.

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IT Services Helping Pennsylvania Businesses Grow

Managed IT Services

RDCS will operate as your IT department, proactively preventing problems, resolving issues, and seeing to all your IT needs to help keep your business running smoothly.

Network Management & Security

We monitor and manage your network to make sure they are optimized and secure. RDCS maintains, analyzes, and optimizes your servers and network so that they are working at peak performance. There are a lot of malicious code and bad characters that would love to exploit your data and resources. We guard your business with multiple layers of security, so your data is protected and secure.

Business Support

We know how valuable IT can be to your business. We offer many services to ensure your company has a reliable and available network. From Network Monitoring to Disaster Recovery, we make sure your network is health and operational.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud based solutions for retail, manufacturing, finance, and public sector organizations.

Workstation Management and Monitoring

Workstations are critical in today’s business world. They make sure your employees can execute your business process and enhance your business. RDCS utilizes RMM (Remote Monitoring and Maintenance) to monitor all activity and proactively prevent issues. We maintain your employee workstations so they can do the work they are asked to do. Along with maintenance, we also secure these computers so your business process can continue safely.


Most businesses are taking advantage of SaaS (Software as a Service), whether through Microsoft 365 or an online business suite. RDCS can help you with support for your SaaS applications and can handle installation and configurations for your SaaS implementation. Most SaaS has hardware, security, and internet requirements. RDCS makes sure you have everything required so we can implement your SaaS solution efficiently.

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Our Clients

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How Can RDCS IT Support Help You?

Are you wondering what kind of support services our remote team can provide for you? How about:

  1. Operating system and software updates
  2. Adware/Spyware cleanup
  3. Virus protection updates and verification.
  4. Disk management (temporary file cleanup, drive defragmentation, optimization)
  5. Virus scans
  6. Startup optimization
  7. Workstation monitoring and management

We can take care of troubleshooting and repairing any issue that could impact the performance of your computers and networks. Our team also ensures that your systems are fully optimized and protected as part of our preventive solutions approach.

We Provide Complete IT Support in Pennsylvania

We are proud to provide IT services with integrity across Central PA. Furthermore, we work with businesses in Hershey, York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and surrounding areas. If you are in Central PA, we can come to your location to help fix your problems. We also offer remote IT services to resolve any issue, anywhere, anytime.

When businesses in Central Pennsylvania choose RDCS, they get so much more than an IT service provider. They get a dedicated IT partner that they can count on to ensure 24/7 system availability and a strategic partner to help position them for future success.

Advantages Of Using RDCS Outsourced IT Services and Remote Support

Our customers trust us with their managed IT services and support needs. They know they can count on us for:

  1. Greater Productivity: We can install and update networks and computers so that your systems run quickly and efficiently. That enables you to meet and exceed your productivity goals without frustrating network slow-downs.
  2. Technology Simplified: Your technology should be able to perform complicated tasks. It shouldn’t be complicated to use. We provide technical solutions that are user-friendly and make it easier for your teams to get the job done.
  3. Ultimate Protection: We offer a suite of security solutions to keep your systems and data safe. That includes security camera installation, access control, antivirus software, and fending off cybercriminals. Our holistic security solutions help ensure that we can eradicate threats regardless of origin. We anticipate and block threats from every source.
  4. Unsurpassed Customer Service: We use the best tools and technology that empower us to understand your needs and respond with the solutions you need. We incorporate a range of telephony solutions, including A/V systems and VoIP, to make it easy for you to communicate with us. Most importantly, we communicate with you in plain language without frustrating and pointless jargon.
  5. Strategic Planning: We do more than solve your problems. We work with you to ensure that your company is ready for the future. Your organizational goals are important to us. Let us build and support the perfect technology stack for your brand.

We take care of your IT services and support needs so you can focus on the things that are critical to your business.

Why Do Small Businesses Choose RDCS for Their Outsourced IT Services?

First, our outsourced IT support services are priced at a fixed rate. That makes it easier for our small business partners to budget for their IT costs. What’s more, there are never any surprises or hidden costs. With our IT services, we also offer 24/7 system monitoring and maintenance support. That takes the cost and pressure off of you to provide after-hours IT support and monitoring.  Even better, all of our support is backed by real people, not bots. If something goes wrong, there will be a human available to you readily, and that person will get things back to normal.

The services we provide to you are always proactive, not reactive. We work to detect and fix issues before they become problems. Our team provides continuous monitoring of your systems and plans for needed upgrades based on our understanding of your business needs. By anticipating issues that might come up, we save you the cost and inconvenience of unplanned downtime.

We also offer security solutions to protect your business from cybercriminals and other online threats. We keep your computers and networks safe by deploying and maintaining firewalls, antivirus software, and other security protections. That keeps our small business clients in PA protected and their customers as well.

Small business clients also know they can count on us for a quick response time. Our support team resolves issues promptly and efficiently so you can go about your business as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 and remain online at all times. RDCS knows you need this kind of coverage in order to compete with larger companies staffing round-the-clock support.

When it comes to customer service, there’s nothing acceptable other than absolute excellence. Our expert staff is there to make sure your business runs securely and smoothly. Any time you have a question or concern, you can expect a prompt, professional response. You get all of this and save money by not having to pay for in-house IT personnel. It’s easy to see why we are the premier provider of IT services in Pennsylvania.

Contact Us

Does your Central PA business need an IT solution provider? Do you need help building IT technology systems that grow with your business? Contact us for more information on outsourced IT solutions and Remote IT support. Call us, or send a support message. Don’t forget to keep up with us on social media as well! We’d love to learn more about your IT services needs.

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The Harrisburg Symphony first established a relationship with Giuseppe Rodriguez in November 2005. At the time, we weren't happy with the service we were getting from another IT company and we asked him to come in and take care of some of the inevitable computer problems that crop up in any office. We quickly learned that we could depend on Giuseppe for an honest and perceptive analysis of problems and cost-effective solutions. Over the past year and a half, with Giuseppe's input and advice as our guide, we have significantly upgraded both hardware and software. As a non-profit enterprise we of course are very careful about spending money. Giuseppe has been very sensitive to this concern and, in my opinion, has saved us a lot of money and wasted time and effort. We now pay him (his firm, RDCS Corp) a monthly retainer and he is basically “on call” when we need him. He has always been very responsive and sensitive to our needs. In my opinion he knows and understands computers, explains things in plain English, and stays abreast of current developments in this ever-evolving, ever-changing field. As a bonus, his attitude is in the right place and he has been very pleasant to work with. He has worked on my computer at home and several Symphony Board members are now using his services. I wholeheartedly recommend him for the services that he offers."

“Jeff Woodruff, Executive Director Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra”

RDCS did a remarkable job of reworking our patched-together, vulnerable computer system. What impressed me greatly was that when Nina and I dropped by the building at 10:30 PM, on Sunday night and found Giuseppe in the middle of rebuilding our server, I suggested he call it a day and said we would just assume that we would have no functioning computers on Monday. His quick reply was that he wasn't willing to let that happen to us. He then worked through the night and had us up and running on Monday. In short, we are in great hands with RDCS. They are extremely capable and a joy to work with. The fact of the matter is that we handed him quite a mess and we are very thankful that he arrived on the scene when he did. I truly believe that "apocalypse now" was about to envelope our computer world."

Rev. Jim Brown, Market Square Presbyterian Church

Giuseppe is a life saver! He and his team are consistently responsive, knowledgeable and professional. I am pleased to recommend RDCS Corp services without reservation."

Nancy Dering Martin Inc.

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